Best vertical GPU mount 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive buying guide to the best vertical GPU mounts of 2023! Whether you’re an avid gamer looking for a more efficient way to mount your graphics card or a tech enthusiast looking for an eye-catching way to show off your hardware, these vertical GPU mounts are sure to get you excited.

With our list of top-rated picks and helpful buying advice, you’ll be able to make the most informed decision and take your gaming setup to the next level!

Best vertical GPU mount 2023

  1. Phanteks PH-VGPUKT (Editor’s Pick)
  2. ASIAHORSE PCIE 4.0 (Best Overall)
  3. Antec Vertical GPU Bracket (Budget Friendly)
  4. EZDIY-FAB Vertical Graphics Card Holder Bracket 
  5. LINKUP – AVA Universal Vertical GPU Bracket
  6. Toptekits Cooler Master Universal Vertical Graphics Card
  7. Lian Li O11DXL-1X Vertical GPU Bracket

1) Phanteks PH-VGPUKTBest vertical GPU mount

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The PH-VGPUKT’s compatibility with “open” PCI slot computer chassis is its main draw. This adaptive feature lets customers easily integrate this vertical graphics card holder into their configurations, improving their rigs’ appearance. However, in certain circumstances, minor adjustments may be needed to ensure a perfect fit.

Inclusion Riser Cable Simplifies Installation

The PH-VGPUKT comes with a 220mm riser cable for easy installation. The tray easily covers all seven PCI slots, protecting your valuable graphics card. This smart design fits dual-slot GPUs snugly in this outstanding accessory. The PH-VGPUKT supports PCIe3.0–PCIE1.0, supporting a variety of topologies.

Steel Strong: Quality and Compatibility

The PH-VGPUKT is made of superior powder-coated steel and is durable and stylish. Its sturdy structure protects your graphics card and enhances your PC’s looks. Its interoperability with cases with 7+ free PCI slots makes it adaptable and accessible to a wide user base.

Unlocking Potential: Gen4/PCI-E 4.0 GPUs

As technology advances, graphics cards do too. To keep up, the PH-VGPUKT supports Gen4/PCI-E 4.0 GPUs. Simply switch the PCI-E slot setting to Gen3/PCI-E 3.0 in the BIOS to use the latest graphics cards. This dynamic feature makes the PH-VGPUKT unique and valued for years to come.

A Look at Graphics Card Future

Graphics card upgrades are more than simply an aesthetic upgrade. The Phanteks PH-VGPUKT lets customers show off their GPUs, whether they’re new or upgraded. Creativity and originality shine through when compatibility worries recede. For people who love form and function, this item is crucial for creating a standout PC setup.

Phanteks PH-VGPUKT is more than a hardware accessory—it connects technology and art. Its compatibility, durability, and versatility make it essential for enthusiasts looking to showcase their graphics card. This vertical graphics card holder shows Phanteks’ dedication to PC aesthetics and performance with its smooth integration, user-friendly features, and forward-looking compatibility. Let your PC setup tell a narrative of innovation and style with the PH-VGPUKT and vertical graphics card display.

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Phanteks PH-VGPUKT First Hand Review Video

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  1. Compatible with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090.
  2. Supports a range of video output interfaces, including VGA, HDMI, Display Port, DVI, and USB-C.
  3. Made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity.
  4. Allows users to display their VGA graphics card vertically, giving their PC an aesthetic upgrade.
  5. Supports DDR5 SDRAM graphics RAM type.



Brand Phanteks
Video Output Interface VGA, HDMI, Display Port, DVI, USB-C
Chipset Brand NVIDIA
Graphics RAM Type DDR5 SDRAM

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2) ASIAHORSE PCIE 4.0Best vertical GPU mount

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The ASIAHORSE PCIE 4.0 Riser Cable supports the RTX3090, RTX3080, RTX3070, RTX3060TI, RX6900XT, and RX6800 graphics cards. This flexible cable supports PCIE 4.0, 3.0, 2.0, and 1.0 for seamless integration. No BIOS tweaks are needed to install it, making it a user-friendly upgrade.

Innovative Design for Best Performance

The ASIAHORSE PCIE 4.0’s segmented design cleverly enhances air ventilation, lowering system temperatures. This improves performance overall. The cable fits most GPU and motherboard components, making it suitable for many case types. This great device also comes with a 1-year limited guarantee and free premium online assistance, proving its reliability.

Craft and Technology Meet at ASIAHORSE PCIE 4.0

The Asiahorse Pcie 4.0 combines craftsmanship with technology. This cable’s gold-plated connections are precision-soldered for dependability and efficiency. AsiaHorse, a computer hardware pioneer, makes this cable, which weighs 3.84 ounces and is model PCIE4.0-180. Its 11.42 x 5.83 x 0.75-inch size makes storage and transport easy.

Gold Standard of Performance

The ASIAHORSE PCIE 4.0’s hand-soldered gold ensures its durability and efficiency in connecting computer system components. The golden plating protects it from corrosion and ensures reliable performance. Users can trust AsiaHorse to make a high-quality product.

A Featherweight Champion

The Asiahorse Pcie 4.0 is a lightweight marvel at 3.84 ounces. The lightweight design makes installation easier, reducing setup issues. The cable’s 11.42 x 5.83 x 0.75-inch packaging makes storing and carriage easy. This cable’s interoperability with many computer components makes it versatile and essential.

The ASIAHORSE PCIE 4.0 Riser Cable offers precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, not just a data conduit. This cable boosts data transmission like never before with its superior design, interoperability, and AsiaHorse history. Support future connectivity and performance with the ASIAHORSE PCIE 4.0 Riser Cable.

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ASIAHORSE PCIE 4.0 First Hand Review Video

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  1. Hand-soldered gold cable ensures reliable and efficient performance.
  2. Manufactured by AsiaHorse, a leading brand in the computer hardware industry.
  3. Lightweight and easy to handle, weighing only 3.84 ounces.
  4. Package dimensions of 11.42 x 5.83 x 0.75 inches make it easy to store and transport.
  5. Compatible with a range of computer components.



Brand AsiaHorse
Item model number PCIE4.0-180
Item Weight 3.84 ounces
Package Dimensions 11.42 x 5.83 x 0.75 inches

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3)  Antec Vertical GPU BracketBest vertical GPU mount

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The Antec Vertical GPU Bracket elevates desktop computing. This bracket’s flexibility lets you customise your PC case’s interior. The mount only accepts full-break PCIE expansion slot chassis, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration.

Increase PCIe Gen4 x16 Power for Unmatched Stability and Speed

Performance and stability are guaranteed with the Antec Vertical GPU Bracket. This mount supports full PCIe Gen4 x16 speeds for superior graphics card performance. The bracket is plug-and-play, making setup easy. This bracket is convenient to use on many systems because it supports PCIE 3.0, 2.0, and 1.0.

Built to Last and Increase Bandwidth

The Antec Vertical GPU Bracket prioritises data transmission and durability. The 400g each contact pair of gold-plated pin connectors ensures secure and stable connections. Extended bracket supports 16Gbps and greater data rates. For demanding users, this performance boost is ideal for rapid visual data transmission.

Clean, Efficient Cable Management

Cable management has never been simpler. The Antec Vertical GPU Bracket’s flexible cable wraps organise cables and improve computer case ventilation. Sleeves ensure cable flexibility without compromising gearbox quality. Untangle cables and improve your PC.

A Quality and Excellence Legacy: Antec

The revolutionary Antec Vertical GPU Bracket is high-quality. Excellent and reliable, this bracket is from computer hardware powerhouse Antec. Due to Antec’s hardware quality, your product will last.

Upgrade Your Desktop with the Antec Vertical GPU Bracket
In conclusion, the Antec Vertical GPU Bracket enhances desktop performance and sophistication. Gamers, multimedia makers, and everyone who appreciates superb computing needs its unique blend of versatility, stability, and speed. Expand your desktop with the Antec Vertical GPU Bracket.

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Antec Vertical GPU Bracket First Hand Review Video

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  1. Gold plated pin connections ensure optimal signal transfer.
  2. Compatible with a range of desktop computers.
  3. Ultimate high speed performance.
  4. Flexible cable sleeves help keep cables organized and out of the way.
  5. Manufactured by Antec, a leading brand in the computer hardware industry.



Brand Antec
Chipset Brand NVIDIA
Compatible Devices Desktop
Graphics Card Interface PCI Express

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4) EZDIY-FAB Vertical Graphics Card Holder BracketBest vertical GPU mount

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The EZDIY-FAB Vertical Graphics Card Holder Bracket showcases your GPU graphics card. It’s a display for your graphics card’s exquisite design and cooling system, not just a container. This bracket fits most graphics cards, making it a PC enthusiast’s choice.

Fresh Air: Ingenious Ventilation Design

Its clever segmented shape makes this bracket stand out. The bracket’s segmented construction efficiently ventilates air thanks to its careful design. This smart design choice lowers working temperatures, which boosts system performance.

Gorgeous RGB LED Effects: A Visual Symphony

What’s a contemporary PC without RGB LEDs? The EZDIY-FAB Vertical Graphics Card Holder Bracket excels. AURA, Mystic, or Fusion can sync its stunning RGB LED effects with your motherboard. However, this charming feature doesn’t support 4-pin RGB headers. Remember that 12 volts can damage the LED, so handle it carefully.

Increase Interior Flexibility: Mobility Power

PC interior architecture is all about flexibility, and this bracket welcomes it. EZDIY-FAB Vertical Graphics Card Holder Bracket mobility is notable. Its portability adds flexibility to PC case interior use. PC customising enthusiasts would appreciate this.

Important Compatibility Tidbit: The EZDIY-FAB Vertical Graphics Card Holder Bracket is only compatible with PCIE 3.0. Consider it before choosing this cutting-edge component for your setup.

Ultimate Support: EZDIY-FAB’s Expertise

Ezdiy-Fab, a computer hardware pioneer, designed the Vertical Graphics Card Holder Bracket from their devotion to quality and creativity. This bracket shows this brand’s industry dominance.

Strength: Durability Design

Unwavering strength underpins this bracket. Top-quality materials make it a protector as well as a holder. Durable construction ensures your treasured graphics card stands tall.

Your Setup: Adjustable Height Design

This bracket’s architects know every configuration is different. This is where the adjustable height design helps. This feature allows the bracket to be easily modified to fit a variety of graphics cards for a perfect fit and display.

Dimensions & Details: Closer

To demonstrate its size, the EZDIY-FAB Vertical Graphics Card Holder Bracket is 12.05 x 7.4 x 1.38 inches. It weighs 14.1 ounces and is small. Its US-3528 RGB GPU Bracket-B-with-new-riser identification links it to Ezdiy-Fab, the revered brand that made it.


The EZDIY-FAB Vertical Graphics Card Holder Bracket epitomises PC upgrade innovation and design. It combines design and functionality by improving cooling, aesthetics, and customisation. This bracket, made by a reputable industry leader, invites you to make your PC look great.

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EZDIY-FAB Vertical Graphics Card Holder Bracket First Hand Review Video

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  1. The bracket is made from high-quality materials and is designed to be durable and long-lasting.
  2. The bracket features an adjustable height design, which means that it can be adjusted to fit a range of graphics cards.
  3. The package dimensions are 12.05 x 7.4 x 1.38 inches, making it easy to transport.
  4. The bracket is manufactured by Ezdiy-Fab, a leading brand in the computer hardware industry.
  5. It is an innovative solution to graphics card support.



Package Dimensions 12.05 x 7.4 x 1.38 inches
Item Weight 14.1 ounces
Manufacturer EZDIY-FAB
Item model number US-3528 RGB GPU Bracket-B

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5) LINKUP – AVA Universal Vertical GPU BracketBest vertical GPU mount

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The LINKUP AVA bracket seamlessly supports the next RTX 40 series and RX 7000 series GPUs, bringing it into the future. This bracket showcases your cutting-edge graphics card for people who prefer to keep ahead. It supports RTX 3000 and 6000 series GPUs and a variety of chipsets, remembering its roots.

Built to Last: Premium Materials

The LINKUP AVA Universal Vertical GPU Bracket redefines toughness with steel, aluminium foil, tinned copper wire, ABS plastic, and gold plating. This composition supports your GPU while adding elegance to your high-end system.

The Perfect Cable Companion: PCIe Gen 4 (4.0) Ready Riser Cable

The right-angle riser cable is not an afterthought. This PCIe Gen 4 (4.0) ready cable comes in 15 cm, 20 cm, and 25 cm lengths and is great. Perfection sometimes requires detail. In cases with misaligned screw holes, attach the riser cable to the GPU before mounting it to the I/O bracket. Follow the assembly guide carefully for a perfect setup.

Unique Support: LINKUP’s Warranty and Customer Care

LINKUP knows that product value goes beyond appearance. A 365-day manufacturer warranty ensures year-long peace. In addition, LINKUP’s customer service team may answer questions in 48 hours. It reassures your money is safe.

Reimagining Display: AVA Universal Vertical GPU Bracket

The LINKUP AVA Universal Vertical GPU Bracket is the epitome of elegance and functionality for your gaming rig. This bracket gracefully accommodates next-gen GPUs, turning your PC into a visual marvel. Its beautiful polycarbonate and 24K gold-plated components make it more than a bracket.

A Perfect Fit: Customization and Compatibility

In GPUs, one size doesn’t fit all. The AVA bracket competes with unmatched model and brand compatibility. It’s versatile because you can modify its height and depth to put your GPU. The AVA bracket adapts to you, eliminating traditional bracket limits.

24K Gold-Plated Components Provide Stability and Performance

Successful GPU displays require a stable and seamless connection. The AVA bracket’s 24K gold-plated components reflect this idea. This painstaking attention to detail ensures a stable connection, minimising performance issues. Let your GPU shine visually and functionally.

Weightless Innovation: Polycarbonate Construction Innovation without compromise. The AVA bracket’s polycarbonate design is durable and lightweight. Your system won’t be heavy, making installation easy. Its 13.8 x 7.7 x 1.5-inch size and 12.5-ounce weight make setup easy.


The LINKUP AVA Universal Vertical GPU Bracket transforms and beautifies GPU display. Its quality design, customisable features, and compatibility with current and future GPU models make it essential for high-end gaming setups. Innovative and sophisticated, the LINKUP AVA bracket showcases GPUs in the future.

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LINKUP – AVA Universal Vertical GPU Bracket First Hand Review Video

Video Source:  LINKUP Technologies


  1. The AVA bracket is made of durable materials, including 24K gold-plated components, providing a long-lasting solution for users.
  2. The product is designed for next-generation GPUs and is compatible with most graphics cards, making it a versatile option.
  3. The adjustable height and depth feature makes it easier to customize the position of the GPU as per the user’s preferences.
  4. The product is lightweight, making it easy to install and manage.
  5. Linkup offers a 365-day warranty, providing users with peace of mind when they purchase the product.



specifications Warranty LINKUP offers a 365
Compatible Devices Graphic Cards
Material Polycarbonate

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6) Toptekits Cooler Master Universal Vertical Graphics CardBest vertical GPU mount

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Verticality can transform your PC’s appearance. Your setup gets a whole new level with the Cooler Master Universal Vertical Graphics Card Holder KIT. Vertically positioned your GPU highlights its excellent design and cooling system. This unusual presentation showcases your PC’s hardware better than horizontal installation.

Modular Flexibility: Customised

Innovative, the kit is modular and quickly customizable. This clever function lets you adjust the GPU’s location, making cables flow smoothly through chassis with open or closed PCI slots. The modular design accommodates your arrangement, whether you like a tidy interior or a clean exterior.

Quality Craftsmanship: SGCC Steel Assurance

SGCC steel makes the equipment durable without sacrificing quality. Even the largest GPUs are held securely, preventing bending or sagging. Your precious graphics card is perfectly aligned in the holder’s embrace. This protects hardware and prolongs investment.

Precision Compatibility: Form and Function

Importantly, the Cooler Master Universal Vertical Graphics Card Holder KIT is designed for PCI-E 3.0 cards. To utilise this product with a PCI-E 4.0 motherboard, simply set the BIOS to PCI-E 3.0 before installation. This seamless compatibility lets you experience vertical GPU installation without hassle.

Toptekits Cooler Master Universal Vertical Graphics Card: Innovation Masterpiece
The Toptekits Cooler Master Universal Vertical Graphics Card Holder KIT combines cutting-edge design and durability. Its modular and quickly adaptable structure makes it easy to set up. Built to last, the kit fits any standard ATX chassis.

Unveiling Dimensions and Identity

The 8.35 x 6.57 x 6.02-inch package holds a small wonder. The kit’s 7.1-ounce weight keeps your setup streamlined and manageable. The MCA-U000R-KFVK01 model number guarantees Toptekits’ quality. This innovative gadget is made by Toptekits, a name synonymous with quality.

Best customization

The modular and instantly changeable Toptekits Cooler Master Universal Vertical Graphics Card Holder KIT is its heart. This signature feature facilitates installation and lets users customise their settings. Carefully selected materials ensure durability and a long hardware collaboration.

World of Speed and Compatibility

This solution simply fits into all standard ATX chassis, eliminating compatibility problems and letting you focus on setup transformation. Its PCI Express graphics card interface supports fast data transfers, ensuring your setup’s performance.


Toptekits’ Cooler Master Universal Vertical Graphics Card Holder KIT combines innovation, elegance, and precision engineering. Vertical installation showcases your graphics card’s visual splendour on your PC. This kit stands out in PC modification due to its modular architecture, compatibility with standard ATX chassis, and rapid data transfers.

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Toptekits Cooler Master Universal Vertical Graphics Card First Hand Review Video

Video Source:  Christopher Flannigan


  1. Instantly adjustable modular design for easy customization
  2. Compatible with all standard ATX chassis
  3. Durable materials for longevity
  4. Supports PCI Express graphics card interface for fast data transfer rates
  5. Comes with a manufacturer’s warranty



Brand Toptekits
Graphics Processor Manufacturer AMD
Compatible Devices Desktop
Graphics Card Interface PCI Express
Package Dimensions 8.35 x 6.57 x 6.02 inches

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7) Lian Li O11DXL-1X Vertical GPU BracketBest vertical GPU mount

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The Lian Li O11DXL-1X Vertical GPU Bracket’s vertical graphics card display is its best feature. This novel method lets users display their premium GPUs in a striking way.

Increased Installation Flexibility

The bracket’s five slots give builders installation options. These slots let you customise your PC’s configuration or ventilation.

Concerning Compatibility

While the Lian Li O11DXL-1X Vertical GPU Bracket doesn’t support PCI-E 4.0 VGA cards, it works well with AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. This bracket will work with any GPU due to its extensive compatibility.

Smooth Installation with Included Cable Riser

The bracket includes a PCI-E 3.0 riser cable to simplify 16X card mounting. This clever innovation makes installation easy, and the cable’s sturdy structure secures your graphics card.

The graphics card will run at PCI-E 3.0 speeds if you use the riser cable with a PCI-E 4.0 motherboard and GPU. PCI-E 4.0 components should be chosen with this caveat.

Conclusion: Improve PC Build

In conclusion, the Lian Li O11DXL-1X Vertical GPU Bracket is great for adding elegance and innovation to PC setups. Its vertical graphics card display, installation flexibility, and compatibility make it a must-have for enthusiasts and builders. This bracket enhances your PC build, not just your graphics card.

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Lian Li O11DXL-1X Vertical GPU Bracket First Hand Review Video

Video Source:  Snaxan

  1. Allows for vertical display of graphics cards, making for an eye-catching and unique PC build
  2. Offers five installation slots for greater customization options
  3. Compatible with a wide range of graphics cards, including those from AMD and Nvidia
  4. Includes a PCI riser cable for easy installation
  5. High-quality construction and materials ensure durability and longevity.



Brand Lian Li
Graphics Ram Size 1
Video Output Interface VGA
Chipset Brand AMD
Graphics RAM Type DDR4 SDRAM

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Best vertical GPU mount 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive buying guide to the best vertical GPU mounts of 2023! Whether you’re an avid gamer looking for a more efficient way to mount your graphics card or a tech enthusiast looking for an eye-catching way to show off your hardware, these vertical GPU mounts are sure to get you excited.

Best Vertical GPU Mount : Reviews, Buying Guide and FAQs 2023

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With our list of top-rated picks and helpful buying advice, you’ll be able to make the most informed decision and take your gaming setup to the next level!

For those who want their computers to look sleek and stylish, a vertical GPU mount can make all the difference. Using a vertical GPU mount not only makes your tower look modern, but helps keep your system components cool and reduce the wear-and-tear of components. Many models are available, from basic plastic brackets to reinforced aluminum frames. Whether you’re looking for discrete or open graphics support, there’s a vertical GPU mount that will suit your needs.

How To Mount Your GPU Vertically [Easy Guide] - GPU Mag

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In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best features to consider when shopping for a vertical GPU mount and offer our list of the top 10 models currently available in 2023. We’ll also provide advice on installing your new setup, so you can get it up and running with as little hassle as possible. By the end of this guide, you should have plenty of knowledge to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a new vertical GPU mount that fits your needs.

Benefits of Vertical GPU Mounts

Vertical GPU mounts present a distinct set of advantages over the traditional PCI slot mount for graphics card installation. By allowing the card to be mounted upright, significant clearance can be created for large, multi-GPU configurations. This also helps facilitate better airflow and allows for improved thermal performance within small form factor builds.

Additionally, vertical GPU mounting can help reduce the amount of stress exerted on the PCIe slot by allowing greater access and aiming to provide a balanced weight distribution across the printed circuit board. It also helps to improve cable management with better access to the ports on the rear of the card while keeping those around it clean and organized.

Lastly, vertical GPU mounts allow users to showcase their hardware by providing unencumbered views of elaborate cooling solutions and RGB lighting systems.

All in all, vertical GPU mounting is an attractive option that offers many benefits over traditional horizontal installs:

  • Creates significant clearance for large, multi-GPU configurations.
  • Facilitates better airflow and improved thermal performance.
  • Reduces stress exerted on the PCIe slot.
  • Improves cable management.
  • Allows users to showcase their hardware.

What to Look for When Buying a Vertical GPU Mount

Choosing a vertical GPU mount can be a tricky decision, and with the evolving technology, there are more choices than ever. A good vertical GPU mount should meet certain criteria, including compatibility with different GPU sizes, overall build quality and robustness, ease of use and an adjustable design that fits the height of your case.

When you’re in the market for a vertical GPU mount to improve your gaming setup and help bring out your computer’s full visual potential, there are several key factors to consider:

  • Compatibility: The most important thing is to make sure your chosen mount is compatible with the size of your graphics card. Some mounts may only fit smaller GPUs while other models are designed for larger cards. Ensure that any mount you purchase is able to hold up to the weight of your current GPU without any issue.
  • Build Quality: You want something that’s going to last so look for strong materials such as aluminum or steel and a coating or powder finish for extra strength. Consider if it needs additional supports or reinforcement for added stability as well as how much space it will take up in your case. Make sure all moving parts feel snug and secure but not too tight so that you can still adjust the mount accordingly once installed.
  • Ease of Use: Make sure installation can be done quickly and easily by following straightforward instructions from the manufacturer so you don’t get frustrated halfway through putting it together. Check if there are extra accessories required and verify whether these come already included with the product or have to be purchased separately before purchase completing such as special screws or adapters etc.
  • Height Adjustability: Look out for adjustable mounts as they give you more flexibility with positioning within your gaming setup based on where you like playing best onscreen – some mounts have telescopic rods to customize height levels perfectly allowing you to lower or raise them accordingly while others feature height-adjustable arms depending on your configuration requirements and space constraints in your PC tower chassis.

Popular Brands for Vertical GPU Mounts

When it comes to selecting a vertical GPU mount, there are several popular brands that consumers consider when making their purchasing decision. Before choosing one, buyers should be familiar with some of the features offered by each brand and compare them in order to make an informed selection.

  • EVGA Vertical GPU Mount: EVGA’s vertical GPU mount is designed for Quadro and GeForce graphics cards. It supports two-slot and three-slot configurations, as well as dual slot graphics cards up to 12.75 inches. This mount also provides optional locks for extra security against theft or unauthorized access and has an open bottom design for better airflow and ventilation.
  • Cooler Master Vertical GPU Mount: Cooler Master’s vertical GPU mount offers a sturdy aluminum construction and removable side panels, allowing quick access to the components of your PC. This mount holds cards up to 14 inches long and two-to three slots wide with easy installation on most motherboards that support PCIe slots. The Cooler Master vertical GPU mount also features customizable LED lighting effects to further accent your gaming rig with style.
  • Xigmatek Vertical GPU Mount: Xigmatek’s vertical GPU mount is made from all steel construction, ensuring superior build quality, durability, and reliability while providing optimal heat dissipation performance considering its minimalist design profile compared to other brands’ options on the market today. The Xigmatek mount holds graphics cards up to 14 inches long at jumbo sizes such as RTX 3090/3080/3070 series without any issues whatsoever while also accommodating double slot implementations with ease. LED strip mounting holes are provided in addition so users can create customized visuals on their builds even further too!
  • Thermaltake Vertical GPU Mount: Thermaltake’s vertical GPU mounts come in two different sizes – small for two slot cards (supports up to 11 3/8″ long), and large for triple slot cards (supports up to 14″ long). Both mounts are designed for hassle free installation since they’re designed specifically for PCIe slots which require no additional hardware or tools beyond what’s already provided along with the product package kit itself; such as screws & cable ties! It also has a non-slip rubber design which helps hold your card securely enough without having disturbing vibration noise transferring over into other components within the system while still allowing sufficient space between cards too!

Price Comparison of Vertical GPU Mounts

When shopping for a vertical GPU mount, the price tag may be one of the most important factors. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of mounts available that offer good value for their price.

Before making your purchase decision, consider researching the different brands and styles available in order to find one that fits your budget. You should also determine what features are important to you; higher quality mounts can sometimes cost a bit more than lower quality options, but they may last longer and provide better stability.

To ensure you are getting the most value for your money, it’s recommended to compare prices across multiple brands and styles before committing to a purchase. It can also be beneficial to read customer reviews or speak with someone knowledgeable at the store or online retailer you are considering buying from. It’s important to remember that not all mounts are created equally, so choosing an option based on price alone may leave you disappointed with your purchase.

To help make your decision easier and more informed, here is a list of some of the most popular vertical GPU mounts currently available and their respective price tags:

  • Thermaltake Tower 100 TG Vertical GPU Mount: $29.99 USD
  • NZXT Fancasee Vertical Graphic Card Holder Mount: $17.99 USD
  • Hiyatek Graphics Card Holder Bracket: $19.99 USD
  • Rosewill RCR-002 Vertical Graphics Card Holder Mount Kit: $25 USD
  • Enermax ETS-T50A ARGB Vertical Graphics Card Holder Mount Kit: $34 USD

Installation Tips for Vertical GPU Mounts

Vertical GPU mounts are an ideal way to make a compact, powerful gaming or workstation rig. They provide improved cooling and internal airflow, a flexible mounting solution, and can help free up space on crowded desks. When installing vertical GPU mounts, the following tips should be taken into consideration:

  1. Verify that your case has the necessary PCI-E slots to mount the graphics card properly. Using a higher number of PCI-E slots than necessary could cause damage to the exterior of your case, so be sure to check before choosing a vertical GPU mount for your system.
  2. Make sure your GPU fits in the mount and it is secured tightly using screws and nuts/washers provided by the manufacturer for each specific model.
  3. Pay attention to where all cables are routed during installation – these need to be accessible during regular use of your system without any risk of becoming disconnected from their respective components (e.g., power cable from PSU).
  4. Take into account air movement in the case – some users prefer exhaust fans located near or above the PCI-E slots when mounting vertically so they are not blocking fan airflow while mounted inside their system cases; this also helps with card stability when installed in such orientation as most models should also include some form of plastic bracket securing them into place being mounted vertically rather than horizontally inside most cases.
  5. Choose PCI-E powered riser cables with higher quality connectors that have robust connections between themselves as well as motherboard components; this ensures safer operation during data transmission/processing without any risk of damage due to poor contacts between parts/layers involved in PCIe bus ecosystem (eGPU / motherboard / etc.).

Common Questions About Vertical GPU Mounts

Is vertical mount better for GPU?

Some people believe that vertical GPU mounts are better because they allow for better airflow and can help to show off the graphics card. However, others argue that horizontal mounts are more stable and provide better cooling. Ultimately, the best option for you will depend on your specific setup and needs.

Do vertical GPU mounts sag?

Vertical GPU mounts can sag over time, especially if the graphics card is heavy or if the mount is not secured properly.

What do I need to mount my GPU vertically?

In order to mount your GPU vertically, you will need a vertical GPU bracket and a case that is compatible with the bracket. You may also need a riser cable in order to connect the graphics card to the motherboard.

What is a vertical GPU bracket?

A vertical GPU bracket is a device that allows you to mount your graphics card vertically in your PC case. It typically consists of a frame or holder that the graphics card sits in, and a way to secure the bracket to the case.

Does vertical GPU affect temps?

Vertical GPU mounts can potentially affect temperatures, as the graphics card may be further away from the case fans. However, this will depend on the specific design of the mount and the cooling capabilities of the graphics card.

Is it OK if my GPU is sagging?

If your GPU is sagging, it may not be seated properly in the PCI-E slot and could potentially cause problems with your PC. It is generally recommended to try to prevent sagging by using a GPU brace or other support device.

Are GPU braces necessary?

GPU braces are not necessarily necessary, but they can help to prevent sagging and ensure that the graphics card is seated properly in the PCI-E slot.

Does higher number GPU mean better?

In general, a higher number GPU (such as an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080) indicates better performance than a lower number GPU (such as an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970). However, there are many factors that can affect the performance of a GPU, so it is important to consider the specific specifications and features of the GPU in question.

How do I stop my GPU from sagging?

To stop your GPU from sagging, you can use a GPU brace or other support device to provide additional support to the graphics card. You can also try to distribute the weight of the GPU more evenly by using multiple mounting points or mounting the GPU horizontally rather than vertically.

What causes GPU sag?

GPU sag is typically caused by the weight of the graphics card pulling down on the PCI-E slot. This can be exacerbated by the weight of the GPU itself, as well as by the size and shape of the GPU and the design of the PCI-E slot. Factors such as the material of the motherboard and the overall build quality of the PC can also contribute to GPU sag.


The conclusion of this guide is that there is no one single perfect GPU mount for everyone. Your choice will ultimately depend on your personal preferences and needs, as well as the type of GPU case you have. If you have an ATX or microATX tower, a vertical GPU mount is a great way to free up space and make your system look more organized. Additionally, many vertical GPU mounts come with additional features such as cable management clips, water-cooling expansion slots, and even anti-sag support brackets.

No matter which vertical GPU mount you decide to go with, always prioritize safety first and read through the user guide carefully before installation.

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